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Heirloom Art Studio accepts both wholesale and retail photographic and fine art restoration or commissioned original fine art paintings and portraits from individual or business customers worldwide.
To place an order for original fine art, full brush oil paintings and portraits, photographic or fine art restoration or any other of our specialty services you may phone the Heirloom Art Studio to discuss your needs in person or send an initial email outlining your request.
Someone WILL be happy to discuss your order, WILL answer your phone call or email as soon as possible, WILL answer any questions or concerns, and GLADLY give you further details to proceed with any project.
CALL TODAY 865-428-4900
OPEN 11:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Saturday EST
1. How do I ship original photographs and fine art to the Heirloom Art Studio?
All photographs or fine art being sent to the Heirloom Art Studio should be well packaged with plenty of stiff cardboards on either side of flat photographs or with solidly packed boxing material around them so that they cannot shift inside the box or be bent or folded during shipping.
Photographs should be packed with cardboards that are a minimum of one inch larger than the original. This prevents the edges of the original photograph from getting bent or damaged during shipping.
All packages should be shipped via a reliable courier service such as UPS, FEDEX or USPS that supplies tracking information AND requires a signature when it arrives at the Heirloom Art Studio. It is never advisable to send things through regular mail.
We pride ourselves in taking the best care of your photographs and fine art collections, ONLY return ship via insured courier services and would like all packages to arrive at the Studio in safe, trackable, good order.
With your package include your name, return shipping address, telephone number, email address (if any) and all description and details about the order you would like to place. The more details you offer at the beginning the faster we will be able to determine the cost and time required to complete your project.
Contact the Heirloom Art Studio for special instructions on how to ship an original convex photograph and/or beveled convex glass.

2. Can I email my photographs for restoration or for use in an original fine art painting or portrait?
Emailed photographs ALWAYS work for estimate purposes.
When it comes to your order, though, only smaller, and often low resolution, photographs can be sent in an email. Photographic quality digital printing requires a minimum of 300dpi resolution therefore, most often, you will only be able to send 5"x7" or smaller images. If your intent is to order any print larger than this or detailed images are required to produce an original work of fine art, you will need to send an original or digital duplicate of the photograph you wish to restore or have used in an original painting or portrait.
Of important note is that often we, at the Heirloom Art Studio, have photographic knowledge and skills that can often create a better duplicate from an original photograph than you might be able to supply from your home scanner. If at all possible, ALWAYS send originals and allow us to create the best possible duplicate, restoration or fine art from that original photograph.
If you send a "copy of a copy" your restoration will only be as good as the image we begin with. We have a saying: "GARBAGE IN-----GARBAGE OUT!"
If you email images and they need to be lareger, better quality or perhaps the original someone will contact you.

3. Is there a charge for estimates?
Estimates are ALWAYS FREE except when being processed through an insurance company.
Since insurance companies often require extensive paperwork and proof of credentials, the estimate fee is TEN PERCENT of the total order for work being paid through insurance. This fee must be PAID IN FULL before the paperwork is turned over to the client or insurance company representative.
If an insurance order is subsequently processed a FIFTY PERCENT DEPOSIT is required to begin the work and the BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN FULL upon completion. ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED PAID IN FULL--NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. How long will my order take?
Generally, photographic restoration and duplication requires one to three weeks although we do strive, whenever possible, to meet any deadlines especially in the case of funerals, memorials or dedications.
Original fine art paintings, portraits and Digital Artistry requires three to twelve weeks depending upon the size, amount of detail and number of orders currently pending.
Fine Art restortion depends upon the amount of time and materials required to do the best possible job and is rarely done during the Christmas Rush season from October through December. Please contact the Heirloom Art Studio regarding Fine Art Restoration.

5. Do you print photographs on paper and canvas or on any other surfaces?
Heirloom Art Studio prints photographs and fine art on photographic papers, digital papers, antique toned fiber base papers, on textiles, glass, metal, magnet. We still print glass negatives in the darkroom!!!
Our intent is to reproduce your original photograph and fine art with the look and feel of the original NOT as an inexpensive, low end copy.
We will also reproduce your photographs and fine art on canvas, t-shirts, textiles, glass, metal, magnet, ceramic, tiles and other merchandising products. Click on the Specialty Services Button at the left for more details on custom printing options.

6. Do you wholesale your restoration and fine art services?
YES. The Heirloom Art Studio ships internationally to professional fine artists, photographers, picture framers, funeral homes, restoration and specialty companies and more. If you are a professional with valid business license, sales tax license and credentials we would be happy to wholesale any of our services which may include: photographic restoration and duplication, original fine art paintings and portraits, digital artwork, giclee reproduction, dye sublimation and retail merchandise, custom screenprinting, graphic design, web design and web hosting.
Contact: Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio 865-428-4900 to discuss your individual needs.

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