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Kathryn Rutherford is a multi-talented fine artist and licenced educator who is always willing to share her knowledge to inspire others.
Instruction and consultation is available privately at the Heirloom Art Studio, locally in group classes, group classes and workshops at your location, or one-on-one via the internet.
Kathryn Rutherford offers education instruction and consultation in many aspects and all media of fine art, photographic darkroom printing, photographic hand colouring, photographic retouching and restoration (both traditional and digital), digital software, colour correction and colour management, drawing, painting, and portraiture just to name a few of the more popular areas of interest. Even your genealogy needs can be met in specialty classes about care and identification of photographs and collections, scanning, retouching and preserving your digital photographic files.


FINE ART CLASSES at the Heirloom Art Studio
All classes, unless otherwise stated, take place at the Heirloom Art Studio.
Indoor classes are limited to 8 or 10 students due to available space, but this means students will get much more personalized attention.

Cost of classes are for instruction ONLY. Students will bring their own supplies.

All classes must be prepaid in full to hold your spot.
REFUNDS: If the instructor cancels your class, a full refund will be issued.
If student cancels more than three weeks prior to the starting date of class-full refund less $15.00
If student cancels less than three weeks prior to the stating date of class-50% refund.
No refund will be issued if student cancels one week or less prior to start date of class.

Group workshops are hands-on, instructional classes with 5 to 20 students taught at any facility other than Heirloom Art Studio.
Class times are 9am to 5pm with an hour break for lunch.
Any class supplies, expenses, lodging, travel and meals are the responsibility of the student.

1 Day.....$150.00
2 Days....$250.00
3 Days....$350.00
4 Days....$450.00
5 Days....$550.00
NOTE: Any group may contract to host a workshop at their location. Contact the Studio to discuss further details and how working with other area groups may save you money.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION At Heirloom Art Studio or Your Location
1. Instruction is available any time during the day or week according to both teacher and student schedules.
2. All instruction is geared to the individual needs of the student. He/she determines what subjects and media they would like to be taught.
3. Class time is ordered on a "contract basis".
Example: If the student knows nothing about drawing and feels an 8 session class (once a week or compacted into four days) would best suit their needs, that is what is purchased. However, suppose the student is already an artist, but feels a session in perspective would be beneficial; one hour of instruction is all that may need to be purchased to learn this specific subject. Contract time is entirely up to individual student needs.
4. All instruction is prepaid IN FULL prior to the beginning of any class or long term contract.
5. This instruction is private and taught with one-on-one attention, however up to three students may contract classes together providing the subject matter taught during the sessions is the same to all students. There are no discounts if students take instruction together.

$45.00 per hour
$125.00 per block (3 hours)
$250.00 per 2 blocks (6 hours/one day)
$450.00 per 4 blocks (12 hours/two days)
$750.00 per 8 blocks (24 hours/four days)
PLUS ADDITIONAL FEES IF APPLICABLE which may include any, or all of the following:
driving allowance and/or air fare, food, lodging, rental car, shipment of, or additional charges for, bringing supplies and materials, and any taxes, fees or other expenses incurred.

With the advent of technology, it is now possible to offer consultation and education via email and the internet. Any student wishing to have their fine art critiqued, seeks advice or would like to learn long distance should contact the Studio to discuss their needs, methods and fees.

Heirloom Art Studio is currently in the process of developing a number of CD and Downloadable art, digital and genealogy educational lessons that will bring Kathryn Rutherford's knowledge and skills directly to your home computer.
Currently in progress is the development of a series of fine art, conservation, restoration, digital and genealogical lessons that you may choose to purchase for your individual learning. Areas of interest will be broken down into single subjects and offered for sale either by CD/DVD, hard copy, or internet download. More information about this offering will be posted as soon as information is available.

Kathryn's work is truly inspiring.
Her knowledge of art along with the ability to work wonders with original photography is outstanding. Kathryn is someone you should definitely contact!!

Len Ford

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