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The term giclee is a French word which literally translates as a "squirt or spray". It is generally used to describe all methods of digital printing that utilize true archival digital inks and printers to make a single image or edition of reproduction fine art or photographic prints expected to last 100 years.

Giclee printing produces the highest quality fine art and photographic reproductions at affordable prices. Unlike offset printing, where an entire edition has to be produced and paid for all at once, giclee printing allows single prints or small runs of reproductions to be created thus, easing the budget.

Heirloom Art Studio uses ONLY the finest archival photographic and fine art papers, canvas, textiles, printers, and inks to ensure the quality and longevity of all images we produce. Owner, Kathryn Rutherford, is an expert at colour matching and digital management and strives for EXACT duplication of any artist's or photographer's work.

As there are many variables to photographing, scanning, and reproducing fine art and photography, please contact Heirloom Art Studio to discuss your fine art and photographic giclee print reproduction needs.

Enjoy these fine artist giclee reproduction prints
created at Heirloom Art Studio.

Magnolia-Cheryl Hight
"Magnolia" by Cheryl Hight

"Liberty Angels" by Bob Welch

"Ancient Evenings" by J. Alan Gallery

"North, South, East, and West" by Kathryn Rutherford

"Digitally Painted Magnolia" by Kathryn Rutherford



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