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Available EXCLUSIVELY at Heirloom Art Studio!

In addition to traditional award-winning photographic restorations, Heirloom Art Studio provides very unique restoration services using processes only available because it is technology lost to time or is a process owner, Kathryn Rutherford, invented.

Blackened Tintype Restoration is a secret process developed by owner, Kathryn Rutherford, to retrieve images from blackened tintypes. For an image produced using this special photographic process, Kathryn was awarded the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award for Outstanding Excellence in Photography.

Ultraviolet Photography was described in an old notebook located in a collection of books destined for the trash. The equipment was built at Heirloom Art Studio and faded photographs are now brought back to their original density and detail simply by photographing them using special lighting, film and negative manipulation, as well as darkroom techniques. There are no additional charges (beyond standard copy charges) to duplicate a faded photograph and bring it back to it's original contrast and density unless the image is ripped, torn or requires other retouching, restoration or alteration artwork in which case restoration charges may apply.

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Simulated Tintypes are now offered at Heirloom Art Studio!!
In addition to requesting your photographs be printed on fiber base paper (the old cardboard photographic paper), as an economy photographic duplicate, or saved to digital format, you may now order your photographs printed on an aluminum plate that closely resembles the look of an original tintype. Images may be printed exactly as the original appears, in colour or black and white, or with an historically accurate background substituted for modern subject matter.
This is a wonderfully unique process and product for re-enactors, stage actors, period pieces, family histories, collectibles, and gift giving.



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