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In addition to traditional award-winning photographic restoration, Heirloom Art Studio provides three unique restoration services as described below. One process uses knowledge and technology that was forgotten over time and the other owner, Kathryn Rutherford, invented to reproduce blackened tintypes and for which she received the Masterpiece Award for photographic excellence from the Fujifilm Corporation. A third one-of-a-kind service offers photographs printed as Simulated Tintypes. Great for military re-enactors, stage actors, period pieces, family histories, collectibles, and unique gift giving.

Award Winning Fuji Masterpiece Award Tintype Restoration-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio



Blackened Tintype Restoration is a secret process developed by owner, Kathryn Rutherford, to retrieve images from blackened tintypes. For an image produced using this special photographic process, Kathryn was awarded the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award for Outstanding Excellence in Photography. Kathryn is a very giving educator and openly shares her vast knowledge of fine art and restoration methods and procedures with clients and students, but this process is one piece of technical information she will not tell anyone.

Award Winning Tintype Restoration-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio

WWI Military Tintype Restoration-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio


Ultraviolet Photography was described in an old notebook found in a collection of books destined for the trash but purchased from the estate of a professional photographer. The equipment was built at Heirloom Art Studio and faded photographs are now brought back to their original density and detail simply by photographing them using special lighting, film and negative manipulation, as well as other darkroom techniques. There are no additional charges (beyond standard copy and print charges) to duplicate a faded photograph and bring it back to it's original contrast and density unless the image is ripped, torn or requires other retouching, restoration or alteration artwork in which case additional restoration charges may apply.

Ultraviolet Photography of Ila Gertrude Thomas 1901-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio

Ultraviolet Photography Photo Restoration-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio

Ultraviolet Photography Photo Restoration-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio

An antique dealer brought Heirloom Art Studio an original estate sale bridal gown with matching shoes that he wanted photographed. Accompanying the treasured items was the original bridal portrait photograph now badly faded. Using Ultraviolet Photography Kathryn Rutherford reproduced the density and detail of the original photograph to show off this diminutive bride on her special day.

1800's Bridal Gown with Shoes and Original Photograph-by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio




Simulated Tintypes are an extraordinary way to produce treasured heirloom photographs.
Heirloom Art Studio will reproduce your photographic image as a simulated tintype in black and white or colour exactly as the photograph was taken or will remove the contemporary background and replace it with an historically accurate period background taken from old photographs in the personal photographic collection of the artist, Kathryn Rutherford.
Original colour photographs can be enhanced and printed in black and white with increased depth of field and contrasting black and white tones to give the look of a photograph taken one hundred or more years ago.
This is a wonderfully unique product for re-enactors, stage actors, period pieces, family histories, collectibles, and gift giving.

Simulated Tintypes from Heirloom Art Studio-Sevierville, Tennessee

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